John Vena Inc. and Jaffa® Citrus Exhibiting for the First Time at the 2019 New York Produce Show

November 18, 2019

John Vena Inc. will be exhibiting in support of our partner in Israeli citrus, Flower Board, representing a cooperative of growers that produces under the well-regarded Jaffa label, at this year’s New York Produce Show in booth #263.


Together, we’re excited to introduce attendees to three premium Israeli citrus fruits available for the 2020 season, which will run from December through early June: the Orri mandarin, Sunrise grapefruit, and Sweetie.


Jaffa-Orri-MandarinThe Orri mandarin was first developed in 1989 through a collaborative effort at Israel’s world-renowned agricultural research organization, the Volcani Center. The intent was to breed a new, ultra-premium mandarin variety that not only tasted great, but could withstand an international supply chain. Making their initial debut in the 2000’s, Orri mandarins quickly gained steam in Europe, Canada, and Asia. The fruit boasts a vividly orange, easy-to-peel skin, an ideal sugar-to-acid ratio, a nearly seedless flesh, and a fresh, fruity flavor.


Jaffa-Sweetie-and-Sunrise-CitrusThe Sunrise grapefruit - the same variety as the Texas Star Ruby - thrives in Israel due to the climate’s steady heat and humidity. Tending towards large sizing with imperfection-free orange rinds, these premium fruits show well at retail. Their deep red flesh - nearly seedless and exceptionally sweet-yet-tart - make them a favorite for foodservice and processing.


The Sweetie is a cross between a grapefruit and pomelo, similar to the oroblanco white grapefruit variety grown in California. Its flavor profile is distinct: sweeter than the average grapefruit with low acidity, and an invigorating citrus aroma. 


If you’ll be attending the New York Produce Show and would like to learn more about these exceptional Israeli-grown fruits, including pack sizes and programs, stop by our booth (#263) between 10AM – 5PM on Thursday, December 12th.

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