The Most Delicious Fruit: How to Choose, Store, and Use Cherimoya

August 24, 2017

This soft, scalely, heart-shaped green fruit is striking on the outside, but even more show-stopping inside. Cherimoya, a subtropical fruit native to Bolivia and Peru, has a custard-like flesh with the flavor of pineapple, mango, coconut, and vanilla. Mark Twain called it "the most delicious fruit known to men"...and for a good reason: its Fruit-Loop-like flavor (yes, the breakfast cereal!) is unlike any other in the fruit's in the world!


The fruit grows on a thorny- branched tree that can grow about 25 feet tall. They're grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world from Chile to Spain to California. A bit hard to find in the states, your nearest specialty or ethnic grocery store is probably your best bet!


How to choose:

Choose firm, green, cherimoyas with smooth, soft skin and minimal damage. A few scars are OK.


How to store:

Leave at room temperature to ripen. You will know it is ripe when you apply gentle pressure in the palm of your hand and there is a slight give (similar to an avocado). The color will fade to a dull green or light yellow. Cut immediately once ripe (store cut cherimoya in the refrigerator).


How to use:

Simple and easy: cut in half and spoon out the fruit, discarding the large shiny black seeds. Sprinkle with a squeeze of citrus for an extra burst of flavor! Or even more decadent, freeze the halved fruits for an all natural, vegan-friendly frozen custard treat!


If you choose to be a little more adventerous, here are some of our favorite recipe suggestions!





Raw Cherimoya Custard Pudding 

Transform this fruit into a milky sweet pistachio swirled treat. This under 5 ingreidant recipe keep cherimoya the star and highlights its natural flavors. Give this unconventional treat a try if you’re clueless of what to do with cherimoya.  Get the recipe here.


Cherimoya Brulee 

Thinking about going a little more indulgent? Although it looks on the unhealthy side, is it nothing of the sort! This super simple recipe is naturally sweet and easy to make in any kitchen. Get the recipe here.


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