Five Fruits for Valentine's Day that AREN'T Strawberries

January 27, 2017

Don’t get us wrong, we love berries, but they’re just so blasé on Valentine’s Day.  Impress loved ones and guests with something unique and try one of these new, different, and exciting fruits on your Valentine’s Day menu.  Each of these fruits has its own distinct flavor that will leave everyone wanting more!



1. Passionfruit

Passionfruit is a small, round tropical fruit that is native to South America. Inside the passionfruit’s thick purple skin you’ll find a yellow pulp containing the fruits small, lightly crunchy edible seeds. Passion fruit has an alluring, floral aroma and a bright, tart citrusy flavor that grabs your attention – and keeps it!


Try this refreshing passionfruit cooler to get the conversation going before dinner.


Get the recipe here.



2. Dragon Fruit

Native to Central and South America but now popular throughout SE Asia as well, dragon fruit has earned its spotlight for its appearance and its flavor.  The bright magenta skin with eerie green "tendrils" encases white (or sometimes red!) flesh with little edible black seeds, very much like a kiwi's.  It's flavor is very mild yet refreshingly tropical, like a cross between kiwi, pear, and melon.


Try this sweet, mild but exotic pudding for the hard-to-please dinner date.


Get the recipe here.



3. Persimmons

The persimmon is a gorgeous apple-sized fruit native to China, but now a favorite fruit in Europe and beyond.  Some varieties of persimmon may only be eaten when very soft and ripe, but the varieties in season during February (Sharon fruit and rojo brillante) can be eaten when firm and crisp, like a bosc pear, or soft, like a peach.  Persimmons, a fruit associated with long life in many Asian cultures, are highly aromatic and combine the flavors of honey, peach, apricot, and mango.


Impress your guest(s) with this spicy-sweet, worldly korma.


Get the recipe here.



4. Star Fruit

Star fruit, a tropical fruit popular in SE Asia, is aptly named: when you cut the fruit crosswise you'll end up with perfectly star-shaped slices.  Star fruit turns from green to yellow as it ripens and will likely develop some brown coloration appear along the ridges (that's normal! It doesn't affect the quality).  It's flavor is mild, with a hint of tangy apple and pinch of tart citrus. The best part though: it's crisp, refreshing crunch.


Show your sweetie who the real star is with this tangy star fruit salad to start your meal.


Get the recipe here.



5. Golden Berry

Golden berries (AKA cape gooseberries) are considered by some to be a “superfruit.”  These little fruits look like a tiny cherry tomato, but pack a big sweet and sour punch combining the flavors of meyer lemon, pineapple, and mango. So seductive!


If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated for desert, try this tangy golden berry tart.


Get the recipe here.

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